What People Are Saying About Jordana and Ravenlight Holistic Healing, L.L.C.:

* The individuals who provided the comments below did so SOLELY for the purpose of sharing their experience and were NOT COMPENSATED IN ANY WAY for doing so.

Healing Session

"I love Jordana! She is the most loving and supportive healing professional I know. I've been to many LPCs, but none of them have ever made me feel as encouraged and motivated as she has. She makes me feel more understood than even those who know me well. I'm forever in her debt, and I'm appreciative of her for facilitating our sessions."

- K. Miller, Texas, USA

Healing Session

"I have done a NUMBER of things which have led to INCREDIBLE results and experiences since my session with Jordana. I can feel a change and improvement in me in so many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways. While I am far from "healed" I have had a tremendous physical improvement over the past couple of days and my energy is through the roof! I feel pride in myself, I feel relief, I feel power, I feel alive inside! I can finally remember the last time I felt like this, and I'm tapping into that energy, remembering what was different then and working towards getting that back. Jordana's kindness, compassion, empathy, guidance, support, and love have opened doors for me that I swore would be forever locked with a dead-bolt. She went above and beyond anything I could ever have hoped for, and I look forward to speaking with her again in the very near future."

- Debbie O., New York, USA

Dream Interpretation Session

"Both sessions I have had with you have been so meaningful and valuable to me. Your way of examining everything from random thoughts to ancient emotions to whacked out gorilla dreams gives me such a sense of relief and also puts me in a strong position to take action or make needed changes. I appreciate what you do so much!! Thank you again and again!"

- Kelly O., Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Healing Session

"Truth, knowledge, and wisdom at it's finest! My prayers have been heard and answered - those deep- ugly cry prayers. Thank you God! Thank You Universe! Thank you, Jordana! I'm ready to use what I've learned to grow, and I can't wait till I'm ready for my next session :)"

- Gia, Maple Heights, Ohio, USA

Animal Totem/Spirit Guide Interpretation Session

"Jordana is a true delight. Her authentic, warm nature is beyond enjoyable and her intuition is on the dot. Could not be happier."

- Stephanie C., Florida, USA

Healing Session - Chronic Hemorrhoids/Fatigue/IBS

"I highly recommend Ravenlight Holistic Healing for anyone suffering from chronic disease, illness, or pain. My healing session with Jordana over 4 months ago brought much insight and relief to my IBS, Chronic Fatigue, and chronic hemorrhoids, which I've suffered from for over 13 years. She was kind, gentle, compassionate, knowledgeable, non-judgemental, generous, tapped into Spirit, and most importantly, very practical in her advice. I'm very skeptical by nature, but Jordana's loving and authentic way combined with things she knew about me that weren't public knowledge helped to validate her insights she shared."

One powerful validation for me came a few weeks later when my naturopath gave me my results from a recent blood test to find the source of my exhaustion and fatigue. Jordana had told me during our session that I needed to eat more oysters and hamburgers, and Seal was a spirit animal that came through in the same reading, indicating--among other things--to eat more seafood. Until that point, I had been a mostly raw vegan as a way of trying to heal my issues and avoid allergies and food sensitivities. However, her advice to start eating beef and oysters was right on the money. When my blood results showed that I was low in iron and copper, what did my naturopath recommend? Eating oysters, beef, and fish! I felt amazing after only 2 weeks of eating meat again.

I am very pleased with the depth of insight, both spiritually and practically, that Jordana was able to provide. If you are suffering from chronic disease (fibromyalgia, Chron's, IBS, shingles, hemorrhoids, etc.) I highly recommend scheduling a healing session reading with Ravenlight Holistic Healing. Don't delay! One session with Jordana could offer the elusive answer you have been seeking on how to finally heal!"

- Eric Hepperle, Oregon, USA

Animal Totem/Spirit Guide Interpretation Session

"You will not be disappointed with your session. Jordana is very warm and her understanding of my journey through life was extremely accurate. She allows flexibility so the session can unfold according to individual needs. She was very professional, ethical and more than prepared to answer any question I had. She shared great examples to aid in explanations and gave me some very valuable tools I am sure I will utilize moving forward. I followed my intuition and reserved a session. I am extremely happy with that decision. I wouldn't hesitate scheduling a follow-up session."

- JMW, Delaware, USA

Healing / Life-Path Guidance

"I will be recommending Jordana to everyone who needs the assistance and counsel that she so excellently provides, she hands you back your compass. I feel clearer, more centered and empowered, and will definitely be employing her services in the future should the need arise."

- S.B., Los Angeles, California

Life-Path Guidance

"In addition to a wonderful counselor and healer, Jordana is a lovely, beautiful person. To use a telling metaphore here, I came with a somewhat imprecise intention, like a boat lost in the mists. Jordana pointed the underwater monsters and dangerous currents of my unconscious for me, the manoeuvers to avoid. She climbed the mast, and looking at the stars of my sky, acted as a compass for my navigation, letting me discern wide horizons that I had never imagined. Thank you so much for being such an excellent guide, who helped me get back at the helm of my life."

- Sophie, Paris, France

Arthritis/Chronic Back Pain/Animal Totems

"I just had to share my experiences with those considering a session. All three sessions I've had with Jordana have been so powerful, each in its own way. (I should say that I had zero experience with anything like this before.)

My first session was a healing one, with some time spent talking about my animal totems. My major concern at the time was arthritis pain in my fingers and hand. Jordana has amazing intuition about the causes behind our physical symptoms, and she gave me great insights into areas of my life linked to the pain. After the session, I followed through on these insights through meditation and life-style changes. Within a few months, the pain and discomfort were almost nonexistent, and that continues to this day.

My next session centered around my animal totems. Again, such a powerful session! I learned that indeed the animals I felt were totems were definitely with me, three of them as life totems. Jordana also gave me information about others that I was not aware of but who were bringing important lessons for me to learn. Working with my animal guides has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, spiritually and creatively. Jordana also saw a connection with my late mother that, at the time, I did not understand. It was confirmed without question on Christmas Day. Utterly amazing on all counts!

In my third session I wanted to focus on my back pain. With her carefully phrased questions and gentle encouragement, Jordana brought forth feelings that I had buried very deep and hadn't confided in anyone else. What a release! She felt my back relax at the exact moment it happened. When I got up and walked, my back pain was gone.

As if that wasn't enough, my mother came through to Jordana! Hearing what my mom wanted to tell me, knowing that she was right there beside me - even down to her appearance and smile - and knowing that she would stay with me all that weekend, which just "happened" to be Mother's Day Sunday, meant more than words can say. And I did feel her presence with me for days afterward. I think Jordana was almost as thrilled as I was!

I'm still working on my healing by releasing those old emotions, but my back pain is so much better that I'm able to sleep again at night. What a gift that is! Jordana is such a gifted intuitive healer and counselor, and she's a genuinely caring person. If you've been considering working with an intuitive, you won't go wrong with Jordana Van."

- Jody Butler, Georgia, USA

Healing Session

"The whole process with Jordana has been fabulous. The ease of booking sessions, info on what to expect and delivery of the session were all so professional yet personal. Jordana has the same friendly, empathic presence in one-to-one sessions as she does in her videos. I had a long, much needed session with Jordana and chose to do a healing session with bits from other areas such as totems and help being an empath and counsellor. I was amazed at how flexible Jordana is able to be. Intuitively Jordana was bang on, using astrology, numerology, totems, her gut instinct, psychic intuition and a range of other gifts and means, she opened me up to so much insight. I also gained a lot of validation for my own intuition, which I really needed as self trust can be hard for me. My experiences of being helped by Jordana go beyond this session. Her videos, Facebook page, responses to me and others and her energy are a gift for us all. I don't know how to say a big enough thank you and hope my energy in this message does more justice than my words. Love and light, Paula (a South African living in Melbourne, Australia)"

- Paula, Melbourne, Australia

Animal Totem/Spirit Guide Interpretation Session

"I am so impressed and happy with my session with Jordana. Though I originally planned on an hour reading, it went into two hours because all of the information we covered was so valuable and applicable to my current life experiences. The major focus was a totem reading, but we also covered astrology and numerology, and the energetic basis for my personal health issues. Despite all of the time I've spent learning and exploring things like astrology, energy work, etc., she framed things so accurately and clearly that it was like a whole new experience, and I learned a lot from it. During the course of the reading my perspective shifted many times, and most-unexpectedly I had some energy clear up. At one point, I remember feeling this one particular mental/emotional block dissipate that I didn't know was there until it surfaced during our conversation. This was awesome and pleasantly surprising considering that we weren't even doing an energy session.

Jordana has a wisdom and a gift that is beautiful. I feel grateful for this session with her. I recommend her highly, and look forward to the next reading."

- Amy K., Georgia, USA

Animal Totem/Spirit Guide Interpretation Session

"Wonderful!!!!! So worth it!!!!!"

- Audra M., Virginia, USA

Animal Totem/Spirit Guide Interpretation Session

"I just had my first session with Jordana, and fantastic doesn't even begin to describe it. I even had some revelations this morning, so I know the session is still working. It's magic!"

- B. Moreton, Ontario, Canada

Animal Totem/Spirit Guide Interpretation Session

"Great experience, great contact, great listening, astoundingly spot-on and very useful insight. Who could ask for more?"

- Caroline D., Paris, France

Life-Path Guidance and Healing Session

"My experience with Jordana - even just one session - has left me with vivid healing and openings happening in my life...immediately after the session and still going...INCREDIBLE. These shifts in my interior life aren't necessarily comfortable, but I know that listening to my heart's voice is the only way I will heal. She was RIGHT ON with what was occurring within me, what has occurred in my life, and allowed me to give myself permission to listen to my heart. Thus, I am healing all the areas of my life. I am grateful for all of the gifts that my heart and Great Spirit have led me to - including Jordana's incredible intuition. Thank you!"

- Laura, CA, USA

Life-Path Guidance and Healing Session

"I just felt like leaving a little Review in the comments section for all you people considering having a session with Jordana. For me it was the most relaxing and congenial session I have had to date. I could relax in the comfort of my own home rather then sitting opposite a person in a strange room! That is a major thing for me, doing it over Skype meant I felt a Lot more at ease. The reading looked at my Astrological elements and Numerological effects too. But the healing happened not so much in what was spoken about..It happened subtly. I am going through a MAJOR detox at the moment, spiritually and physically..And a LOT of stuff is coming up! After the session there has been much more FLOW and EASE and RELEASE! I was shaking all over for a few minutes after, and the next day felt SO much lighter. Energy work is almost always subtle, but Powerful! Jordana truly has a gift here and it has helped me tremendously. So, if you are serious about Clearing out the OLD to make way for the NEW, then have a session with Jordana! But always remember, Intension paves the road forward! Healers like Jordana help us in many wonderful ways, but it is US that must truly WANT to heal as well in order for the shift to happen."

- Kismet Valk, UK

Life-Path Guidance

"I am so happy. I am so unbelievably happy and honestly I couldn't even tell you why... It's like, literally, one day everything I've been working on the past six months finally clicked, just like that.
I am telling you this because I have no doubt in my mind that you played a huge role in this. All of your advice and guidance has seriously changed my life. I cannot thank you enough. Not everything is where it needs to be yet but I finally feel like I'm on the right path and it won't be long before I've got everything I could ever want.
Seriously, thank you."

- Kelsey McDonough, Louisville, KY


"I've struggled with depression since I was 16. Since then, I've been in and out of multiple therapists' offices and tried different meds, but none of it really resonated with me. I often left therapists feeling like I was talked at, rather than engaged in a conversation with another person. This is what made seeing Jordana for a healing session the best therapeutic experience I've ever had. There was an echoing back and forth unlike anything I had ever experienced. I was skeptical going in (of course, given my history with therapists, I was used to that), but I left feeling like I had finally had the conversation I've needed to have since I was a teenager. I'm now slowly but surely inching forward, which is a relief from being stuck for so long in the same rut! My healing session with Jordana helped me to understand that even if I feel stuck, it's the reaching out that counts. I feel like I'm slowly blossoming where I am planted, and it's a lovely feeling. I can't say enough wonderful things about this experience."

- Katie K., New Albany, IN

Persistent Back-Pain

"Jordana worked with me to heal my persistent lower-back pain. By the end of the day, it was gone, and it has not come back!"

- Gail Loveall, Clarksville, IN


"Before working with Jordana, I lived with an underlying dread, constantly wondering when my next migraine would occur. I've been suffering from migraines for 22 years and have tried just about everything -- managing my diet, taking supplements, doing yoga, going to a chiropractor, getting massages, etc., but nothing helped. In the end, I would just give in to the pain, take my medication and then deal with the re-bound migraine from the meds the following day. Since starting work with Jordana, I've found that I'm no longer living in fear of migraines. The work she does is amazing! While in the middle of a horrible migraine, we worked together, and I actually felt the pain in my head swirling and shifting, like cobwebs being pulled away -- and she did this over the phone! Knowing that there is another option available to ease the pain that won't leave me groggy or set me up for another headache has been incredibly freeing! I'm looking forward to working more with her to learn how to manage my acute attacks myself, and to someday being able to prevent them altogether. Thank you, Jordana, for helping me move toward a totally migraine-free future!"

- Bridgette Valeron, Houston, TX

Sore Throat/Headache/Congestion/Ear Pain

"Recently, I was able to experience a healing session with Jordana and I could not believe the results. After struggling with a sore throat, a pounding head, a runny nose and pain in both of my ears for nearly a week, I spoke to Jordana on the phone for a mere ten minutes and I was amazed by the outcome. Almost immediately I could feel the difference and by the next day I felt 100% better. In addition to that, Jordana was able to give me some sound advice on how to prevent these symptoms from returning.
It truly is astonishing what can be resolved without the use of medicine. I look forward to working with Jordana more in the future and I give her my highest recommendation. "

- Kelsey McDonough, Louisville, KY

Flu/Sinus Congestion/Body Aches

"Jordana, whom I like to call an Angel Intuitive, truly has the gift of insight and healing. I was repeatedly getting sick with flu-like symptoms (body aches, sinus pressure/congestion, etc) over the course of about 2 months. I went to my primary care physician several times, and while the meds would temporary help, it had no lasting effect. During my ONE session with Jordana, she told me to close my eyes and concentrate on a specific affirmation while she did whatever she was doing on her side. After a few minutes, my mind started to drift, and she IMMEDIATELY called me out on it. She said, "Whoa...what happened? You stopped thinking about your affirmation." I was honestly taken back and surprised by it. I got caught...and she could see it!
After that session, the body aches were gone. I could feel myself more relaxed and my illness well on its way to recovery. As a nursing student, we are taught that there is something to be said for alternative healing and Jordana is the perfect example"

- Angie B., Chino, CA

Large-Group/Event Readings

"Jordana--a long-time supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters--has donated her services as a palm-and-intuitive reader at our yearly BIG Masquerade since its inception, and she is always a big hit! Guests always rave about her accuracy and how much they have enjoyed their readings, and she never fails to have a line out the door all night! We are thrilled that she has become such an integral part of the BIG Masquerade, and we enthusiastically give her our highest recommendation."

- Karrie Harper, Director of Fund Development and Marketing, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kentuckiana

Intuitive Readings

"Jordana is an exceptionally gifted intuitive counselor. I was impressed by her compassion, openness and genuine care for my welfare. She immediately inspired trust, and I felt completely safe in her guidance. She was by far the best intuitive counselor I have ever worked with. I give her my highest recommendation without reservation."

- Hannah Kim, Phelan, CA

Intuitive Readings

"Jordana's guidance is invaluable. She is always there when I need her. She gave me the confidence to trust myself, and now I'm in the best relationship of my life and working for a great company!"

- Heather Bash, Apple Valley, CA

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